Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality mental health resources and support to our first-responders so they may live the very best lives possible professionally and personally. We accomplish this with collaborative efforts to improve resilience by means of breaking down barriers surrounding mental health and align those that serve with optimum mental readiness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to actively train to help with Critical Incident Stress Management, but that isn’t the only instance we are here for. We are available for your support, encouragement, resource or a simple listening ear, regardless of the circumstances.

We take pride in being entrusted with this opportunity to help out brothers and sisters, and are available whenever and wherever we are called upon. We provide a judgement-free zone and our conversations are confidential, even to other peer support members.

Peer Support Has 4 Key Functions

Assistance in daily management

Peer advisors use their own experiences and professional training with critical incidents, stress management, diet, and physical activity in helping people stabilize personal and professional stress in their daily lives.

Social and emotional support

Through empathetic listening and encouragement, peer advisors can help individuals cope with social or emotional barriers and stay motivated to reach their goals.

Linkages to clinical care and community resources

Peer advisors can help bridge the gap between individuals and health professionals, and encourage them to seek out clinical advice or treatments when appropriate through program referrals. They can also identify key resources in the community, such as where to buy healthy foods, or pleasant and convenient locations for exercise.

 Ongoing support, extended over time

Peer advisors successfully keep individuals engaged by providing proactive, flexible, continual follow-up.

Peer Support Confidentiality

Any communication made by a participant in a peer support counseling session for public safety personnel and any oral or written information conveyed in the peer support session IS CONFIDENTIAL and MAY NOT BE DISCLOSED by any person participating in the session. Further, any information MAY NOT BE DISCLOSED in any judicial proceeding, administrative proceeding, arbitration proceeding or other adjudicatory proceeding.

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